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Using the mailing lists

Laboratory of Computational Engineering has several mailing lists available to staff and students. All the mailing lists are managed by a list serving program TULP. This list manager can be reached through its e-mail address

Managing the lists is done by sending special commands to the list server by e-mail. This way one can check available lists, join and leave lists, and check who is on a list. The number of permitted operations depends on the list configuration, therefore some lists may not be open to general public, etc.

Getting HELP

The easiest way to get started is by sending a very simple command to, namely:


Don't put anything in the Subject -header; the message should contain only one line starting with the word HELP. Also, don't leave any signature present, every line of the message is considered to be a command to the listserv program.

The list manager software checks its mail queue every fifteen minutes. Therefore, it may take some time before you get an answer. The answer is sent based on your e-mail headers, so make sure your outgoing e-mail has valid address for replies.

You should receive two answers for your command: one telling about the success of commands in your message, and another containing useful information (in response to your help query).


You can check the list of available mailing lists with the command LIST. All lists may not be public, so they may not all show up in the response. The response to this command also includes a short description of each list (if provided by the list owner).


You can check the recipients of a list by issuing a command:

	REVIEW listname

Note that the list owner may have chosen to restrict who will be permitted to receive the response (if anybody).


You can subscribe a list with a command:

	SUBSCRIBE listname Your Name

Again, your e-mail address is taken from the e-mail you send. If you want to use a particular e-mail address instead, please contact the list owner, who may be able and willing to add you to the list.

As with other commands, joining a list may be restricted, and only the owner is allowed to add people to the list. In that case, contact the list owner directly.

Note:When you later want to UNSUBSCRIBE from the list, you need to send the message from the same address as you sent the SUBSCRIBE message from. Otherwise the list management software may not be able to recognise you as being on the list, and therefore may not be able to remove you from the list.


When you want the leave the list, that is stop receiving the list messages, just send the following command to the


If you use special reply address in your outgoing mail, the program may not be able to remove you from the list. In that case, contact the list owner for more help. The owner can remove you from the list using the e-mail address used in the list database.


Some lists may have an archive containing old messages. In that case you can check the available articles using the command:

	INDEX listname

To receive an article from the archive, use a command (based on the INDEX response):

	GET file


If there are any problems in using the list server software, please, do not hesitate to contact for additional help, and information. Thank you!

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