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S-114.V Concepts in nanomaterials

Postgraduate course: Concepts in nanomaterials

Summer 2003

2 credits (L), eight 90-minute lectures


Prof. Adrian Sutton
Professor of Materials Science at Oxford University and Professor of Computational Engineering at HUT

Time and place

The course will consists of eight 90-minute lectures on the following dates:

26/5 (pdf)* 28/5 (pdf)*
2/6 4/6
16/6 18/6
23/6 25/6

One Mondays the lectures will be held between 11 and 13 and on Wednesdays
between 10 and 12 o'clock in the lecture room B317 (B-wing), Innopoli II, 3rd floor.


Material components of nanometre to sub-micron dimensions are required to build devices and machines smaller than one micron. This is the world of nanotechnology, and material components with these small length scales are called nanomaterials. Most information about nanomaterials available in books and on the web is concerned with their manufacture. Yet it is known that many properties of materials and processes within them are changed at these small length scales. This course discusses some of the concepts that enable one to understand why nanomaterials may behave so differently from their macroscopic counterparts. Manufacture and applications of nanomaterials are mentioned only to illustrate these concepts. This course is a beefing-up of a final year undergraduate course Dr Victor Burlakov and I first gave at Oxford in the Spring Term of 2003. I have tried here to make it a little more quantitative, without getting bogged down in mathematical detail.

Contents of a lectures

Lecture 1, 26/05/03, (pdf)*
Survey of characteristic length-scales of transport properties and mechanical properties in relation to the size of the component.

Lecture 2, 28/05/03 (pdf)*
Electronic energy spectra resulting from confinement in 1, 2 and 3 dimensions.
Statistical mechanics of small systems and the significance of fluctuations - application to stability of quantum dots.

Lecture 3, 02/06/03
Electronic transport properties of metallic point contacts.

Lecture 4, 04/06/03
Mechanical properties of metallic point contacts, and the coupling with electronic properties.

Lecture 5, 16/06/03
Current-induced forces, current-induced heating and electromigration in nanowires - a research seminar addressing more advanced fundamental issues in nanomaterials.

Lecture 6, 18/06/03
Adhesion of nanocontacts, and the influence of surface layers.

Lecture 7, 23/06/03
Nanotribology and nanoindentation.

Lecture 8, 25/06/03

* Permission to pdf is allowed only inside HUT.


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