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S-114.740 Biological Human-Machine Interfaces


Kevät 2002, Spring 2002 (2 ov, L)

Vastaava opettaja - Teacher

dos. Christina M. Krause

Sisältö - Description of the course

Computer technology and knowledge of human brain functioning and cognition have advanced markedly in the last 20 years. Recently, attempts have been made to tie the nervous system to external electronic circuits and the results may provide one means for effortless communication with computers. Such work is already of great importance for people with devastating neuromuscular diseases, offering them a possibility to communicate by means of brain-computer interfaces. Basic and applied research as well as the development of biological human-computer interfaces are closely linked.

The aim of this seminar series is to familiarize the participants with different types of measurable biological signals and to understand how these can be utilized in human-machine interaction.

The seminars will be held in either Finnish or English, depending on the participants.

Suorittaminen - Course requirements

Participation at the seminars, reading literature and a presentation at the seminar.

Kirjallisuus - Literature

Aikataulu - Schedule

The seminars will be held on wednesdays at 12-14. (Miestentie 3, 4th. floor).

Date Who Topic
16.1. C.M. Krause Introduction, presentation of material
23.1. Presentation 1 The nature and origin of biological signals
30.1. Presentation 2 The concept of biofeedback
6.2. Presentation 3 Animal studies on biological signals
13.2. Presentation 4 Limb prostheses
20.2. Presentation 5 HCI: Human-Computer Interface
27.2. Presentation 6 BCI: BCI, brain-Computer Interfaces and ABI, adaptive brain computer interfaces
6.3. Presentation 7 Closing and summary of the seminar serier

Ilmoittautumiset ja lisätietoja - Registration and Further information

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