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S-114.4762 Research Seminar on Communication and Cognition L

Systemic cognitive neuroscience

Spring 2008, period IV

2 credits (= 2 opintopistettä), L, 10 lectures


The role of neuroscience knowledge in the elaboration of a wide range of psychological problems will be discussed. The activity and reactivity as quite opposite paradigms considerably governing the content of tasks, methods and theories in psychology and neuroscience will be considered. It will be demonstrated how development of systemic approach forced to refuse the conception of reactivity at the level of entire organism and at the cellular level as well in favor of the concept of activity and goal-directedness. The cardinal difference will also be demonstrated between the ways to solve the principal problems of psychology and psychophysiology in the framework of the traditional approach and from the viewpoint of systemic neuroscience.


Prof. Yurii Alexandrov
Russian Academy of Science, Russia


Timetable (5*2 hours):

Session Date Time
1. Wed 12.3. 14-16
2. Mon 17.3. 14-16
3. Tue 18.3. 12-14
4. Wed 19.3. 14-16
5. Tue 25.3. 12-14

(The lectures always start quarter past)

Place: Innopoli 2, 3rd floor, Lecture room B317 (B-wing)


Attendendance at all lectures, keeping a learning diary of each lecture (the form agreed during the first lecture), 2 credits.

Topics of the course

Keywords: systems neuroscience, theory of activity, learning and memory, brain, mind, development, system, reflex, consciousness, emotions

The course concerns following topics:


Lecture material

PowerPoint files:

Additional information

Register on the course at the first lecture. For practical questions, contact Jari Kätsyri (katsyri (at) LCE.HUT.FI).

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