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S-114.4610 Bayesilaisen mallintamisen erikoiskurssi
S-114.4610 Special course in Bayesian modeling

S-114.4610 Special course in Bayesian modeling (1-8 p) LV

Teacher: Doc. Dr.Tech. Aki Vehtari
Contents: Advanced topics in Bayesian probability theory and Bayesian inference.
Prerequisites: Basics of Bayesian modeling (for example, S-114.2601 Introduction to Bayesian Modeling or similar knowledge)
Language: The language of the seminar is English or Finnish depending on participants.
Other: Replaces the course S-114.610
See also S-114.4612 Special course in Bayesian modeling 2
Place and time:

Registration Course requirements:

For 3 points: Active participation in the seminars, seminar presentation, small exercise work.


In spring 2008 topics include

Some of the methods were briefly introduced in course S-114.2601 Introduction to Bayesian Modeling, and we had deeper look into most used and most useful methods, for example, cross-validation, partial validation, information criteria, DIC, predictive criterion, etc.

Depending on the number of students it may be possible to pick other topics too. There is a list of potential topics to give you ideas.

Previous courses: In Spring 2004 this course used code S-114.202. In Spring 2005 this course used code S-114.610.

General instructions

Presentation consists of 3-4 page summary and actual presentation with slides. Draft handout should be sent to teacher and opponent 2 weeks before presentation. Final handout and pointers to one or two articles to be read should be sent to teacher and other students 1 week before presentations. Purpose of the summary is to help other students to concentrate on the main points and guide their reading. Everyone reads summary and articles before presentation so that we can have discussion of the material. Every student is also an opponent for another presentation. The opponent prepares at least 2-3 questions about the topic to stimulate discussion after the presentation. Normal presentation is 30-40 minutes.

When sending email concerning the course, please add "S-114.4610" or "114610" to subject.


Exercise is available. Follow the instruction in template.m and compare your results to these example results.


Date Talker Subject
17.1. Aki Vehtari Introduction
... ... ...

You may send your comments to the teacher

Aki Vehtari
Helsinki University of Technology
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science
P.O.Box 9203, 02015 HUT
tel: 451 4849

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