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S-114.4270 Laskennallinen solubiologia
S-114.4270 Computational Cell Biology

S-114.4270 Computational Cell Biology (5 p) L

Teacher: Dr. Riku Linna
Contents: Mathematical/computational modelling of fundamental intra and intercellular processes.
Language: The language of the seminar is English or Finnish depending on participants.
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Course requirements: Active participation in the seminars, seminar presentation, small exercise work.


The purpose of the course is to introduce the basic computational models used in analysing various fundamental dynamical processes in and between cells. The course will begin with a few introductory lectures whose purpose is to present a minimum background with useful references for the participants to be able to follow the topics to be covered. The main body of the course will be covered by seminar presentations prepared by the participants based on the course book.


Topics to be covered include