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The topic of the course in fall 2004 is

Spatial modeling (2 cr) L

Teachers: Prof. Jouko Lampinen, Dr.Tech. Aki Vehtari

Place and time:

Spatial Contents

Course requirements:



Date Talker Subject
16.9. Jouko Lampinen Introduction to the subject
23.9. Jouko Lampinen Banerjee et al, Modelling and Analysis for Spatial Data, Ch. 1-2
30.9. Aki Vehtari Banerjee et al, Chapters 3-4
14.10. Simo Särkkä Banerjee et al, Chapters 5.1-5.3
28.10. Sanni Siltanen Banerjee et al, Chapters 5.4-5.6
11.11. Juho Kettunen Banerjee et al, Chapter 6
18.11. Marko Sysi-Aho Banerjee et al, Chapter 8
25.11. Jan-Hendrik Schleimer Murray, Mathematical Biology, Ch. 14-15

Exercise work

Small exercise on point-referenced data models. See exercise work template for further instructions. See also example results.


Prof. Jouko Lampinen
Dr.Tech. Aki Vehtari

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