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Kenji Doya, What are the computations of the cerebellum, the basal ganglia, and the cerebral cortex? Neural Networks, 12:961-974, 1999.
This is a very general "big picture" of the brain. The article has an engineering perspective: what are the algorithms implemented by different brain areas. Kenji Doya is particularly familiar with cerebellum but the treatment of basal ganglia and particularly cerebral cortex is a bit weaker. Summary, full text and pdf available at Elsevier.

Feedback control and adaptive reflexes

PID controller

Muscle spindle and stretch reflex

Feedforward control and predictions

Shibata, T.;Schaal, S. Biomimetic gaze stabilization based on feedback-error learning with nonparametric regression networks, Neural Networks, 14, 2, pp.201-216, 2001.
[Keywords: oculomotor control, cerebellum, VOR, OKR, learning, locally weighted learning, feedback error learning]. Available here
NIPS*97 Workshop: Can Artificial Cerebellar Models Compete to Control Robots?
The papers are available here

Representations and sensory processing

I can recommend the book by Jeff Hawkins: On Intelligence (I have the book and I'm writing a review). Also, have a look at my own research and the links there.

Reinforcement learning and action selection

Have a look at Tony Prescott's work on action selection (the paper on evolution of action selection is no longer on-line, but I have a copy); Randall O'Reilly's work on reinforcement learning and Brown, Bullock and Grossberg (How laminar frontal cortex and basal ganglia...). There is also a nice review in Nature.

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