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S-114.220 Research-oriented Graduate Seminar on Complex Systems


S-114.220 Research-oriented Graduate Seminar on Complex Systems (3 cr, L)
March - April 2004, Laboratory of Computational Engineering, Helsinki University of Technology
Organizers: Marco Patriarca and Jari Saramäki

If you experience problems in opening the linked files below then try to download them on disk or contact the organizers .

The present page contains the following supplementary material:
Supplementary material to lecture 1:
Introduction to complex networks

Supplementary material to lecture 2:
Introduction to self-organized criticality

  • Download the exercise and some references in Postscript or PDF format. The deadline for the exercise is 22.3.2004. If you have problems in downloading or obtaining the original article, please contact: marco at lce hut fi
  • Unfortunately, to our knowledge there are no general web-pages about S.O.C., so that searches should be done e.g. with the help of scientific archives. Nevertheless, hundreds of papers have been published about the subject, about an incredibly wide set of different topics. Some of these articles are available in the (un-refereed) electronic arXiv. If you are interested in (working in) a particular topic, you can make some searches about SOC "and" this other specific topics and, also, contact the organizers.

Supplementary material to lecture 3:
Introduction to pattern formation

Supplementary material to lecture 4:
Overview of Bifurcation Scenarios

  • An excellent book introducing Chaos theory, phenomenology and nomenclature is Strogatz's book:
    S. H. Strogatz, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, Addison-Wesley, 1994, Reading, MA.
Other useful material is (we can provide you with a photocopy in case you cannot download them):
  • Bifurcation Theory
  •   a useful list of definitions (nomenclature) met in Bifurcation Theory by Prof. Thomas Lux.

Supplementary material to lecture 5:
Supplementary material to lecture 6:
Supplementary material to lecture 7:
  • 7c: Self-Organized Criticality
    (report (PDF))
    (presentation (PDF))

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