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S-114.4150 Complex Networks (5 cr, L)


Fall 2006 (5 cr) L

   Lectures: Dr. Jari Saramäki
   Exercises: M.Sc. Tapio Heimo

Contents: The aim of this course is to provide the students with a basic knowledge of the theory of complex networks, as well as the basic skills required for network analysis. See a detailed list below.

Requirements: weekly, mandatory exercises and a homework project.

Literature: There is no course book; necessary material will be distributed during the course. For background reading, the review article of M.E.J. Newman, SIAM Review 45, 167 (2003) is suggested. This can be downloaded via NELLI.

Prerequisites: Basic maths (calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics), basic computer skills

Schedule: The course will take place during period II, starting 2.11.2006. Lectures and exercise sessions are every Thursday, 14-17, lecture room B317 at Innopoli II.

Detailed list of contents:
After taking the course, the student should be familiar with


Problem set 1: due Thu. 9.11. (pdf)
Problem set 2: due Thu. 16.11. (pdf)
Problem set 3: due Thu. 30.11. (pdf)
Problem set 4: due Thu. 30.11. (pdf)
Problem set 5: due Thu. 7.12. (pdf) - bugs fixed in Ex.2, Eq (4) & Ex. 4

Homework exercise
Due end 2006.

Exercise points and final grades - credits should now be on your accounts.

If you have questions concerning the exercises, don't hesitate to contact Tapio Heimo.

Contact address:

Jari Saramäki
Complex networks group
Laboratory of computational engineering
tel: 451 5328

Tapio Heimo
Complex networks group
Laboratory of computational engineering
tel: 451 5307

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