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S-114.402 Physics of Optical Communications Networks

Course is not lectured during 2004-2005.

Year 2000 Course


Prof., doc. Päivi Törmä


The requirements that WDM and future all-optical networks set for technology and components. The limits and potential given by physics to the development of optical communications networks. All-optical networks. Optical nonlinearity in fibers and switches. Photonic crystals and other novel materials. Ultrafast switching and routing. Optical processing.

Lectures and exercises

Course consists of 26 hours of lectures and 6 hours of exercises.

Lectures: Not lectured in autumn 2001. NOTE: POSSIBILITY TO TAKE THE EXAM 26.10.2001! REGISTRATION BY EMAIL TO ME (

Exam results and exercises:


Examination, or mid-term and end-term examinations.


Prerequisites (recommended)

Either of the courses:

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