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S-114.3401 Semiconductor Quantum Structures (5 cr)

Lectures in June - August 2009 as a period course

[if there will be 5 or more interested students contact the lecturer asap]

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In the summer 2009 the course will focus in multiband effective mass theory and its applications in semiconductor optics.

Who is this course for?

The course is recommended to students having their major in fields of semiconductor technology, optoelectronics, optical communication and modern optics. Advanced undergraduate students and graduate students can take the course. Relevant level of prerequisite knowledge includes basic courses on quantum mechanics and solid-state physics.

Lectures and Exam

Lectures: Innopoli II

Problem solving sessions: Innopoli II (starting on )

Place: Lecture room B317, Innopoli 2, 3rd floor


As a main source we will use "Physics of semiconductors and their heterostructures", McGraw - Hill.

Signing in for the course

Contact lecturer jukka.tulkki at

Project assignments

Lecture notes

Will appear as the course proceeds.

Old problems and solutions (spring 2003)


The grade will be weighted sum of the grades of the exam, exercises and project works so that each have a weight of aproximately 1/3. The exact formula will be given later. The grade of the exam has to be greater than or equal to one in order to pass the course.


Lecturer: Prof. Jukka Tulkki

Assistant: Teppo Häyrynen

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