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S-114.3812 Computational neuroscience (6 cr)

S-114.3812 replaces S-114.3811, S-114.811.


The course homepage has moved to The old material is left here for the time being.

Vastaava opettaja - Teacher

Harri Valpola

Sisältö - Description of the course

The course will be organized in collaboration with the University of Helsinki every second year. The course homepage for autumn 2006 is

Aika ja paikka - Time and place

The lectures will take place in B222, Exactum, Kumpula, Helsinki during the second period on Mondays (12-14) and Wednesdays (10-12). The first lecture will be on Monday the 6th of November and the last on Friday the 8th of December. The exam will be in Kumpula (room A111) on Thursday the 14th of December between 16-19. Since the exercises and project work require Matlab programming, there will be an extra Matlab exercise on Friday the 10th of November between 8-10. There will be another exam on Tuesday the 23rd of January, 2007 between 16-20.

Vastaanottoajat - Office hours

Harri Valpola
Tuesdays 13-15
Primarily for TKK students
Jarmo Hurri
Tuesdays 10-11 and Thursdays 10-11
Primarily for UH students
Please make an appointment if you need to see the lecturers outside these times.

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