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Lectures: FT Mietta Lennes.

Exercises: Daniel Kislyuk


During the first half of the course, we will learn about Phonetics as field of study, the mechanisms of speech production and their use in the world's languages. The latter part of the course introduces speech perception including some recent research results.

Course will cover the following topics:


Speech organs

Classification of speech sounds

Phonology and phonetics


Speech acoustics


Perception of phonetic units

Perception of prosody and paraphonetics

Developmental speech perception (language specificity etc.)

Theories of speech perception


Thursday 10.5.2007 9-12 S4 OR Wednesday 23.05.2007 16.30-19.30 S2.

Remember to register!

How to prepare for the exam

Lecture slides

Lecture folder

Materials for exercises:

First session: instructions First session: sound file

Second session: instructions

Second session: tract outline

Third session: instructions

Third session: texts

Fourth session: instructions

Fourth session: SuperLab software

Fifth session:presentation

Fifth session:priming

All exercises together can bring you 60 points

Points Grade
60 - 49 5
48 - 37 4
36 - 25 3
24 - 13 2
12 - 1 1

Final deadline for all the exercises is 06.05.2007



Lectures will be given at the department of Electrical Engineering

Tuesdays 16-19 room E110 13.3-24.4

Thursdays 16-19 room E111 22.3 and 12.4

10.4 no lecture


One exercise session will be held each week. You are free to join either Monday group (from 16 to 18) or Wednesday group (from 8 to 10). All the exercises will be held in Maari-K.

The main software for the speech analysis and synthesis at the exercises will be Praat. At Mietta's homepage you can find an extensive guide to Praat in Finnish as well as some scripts (in English).


Registration will take place in webtopi.


Examination covering lectures and other attached material + excercises.

The grade depends 70% on examination and 30% on excercises.
  • Old course page
  • Password for both old and new material will be given at the lecture

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