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News & Updates

Exam will be held on 9th of May, from 9 to 12 in B317 in Innopoli (lecture room). Registration is open in webtopi.

Lectures and exercises are over, lecture on 24.04 is canceled. The slides and podcasts for the material yet to be covered will be published on the website.


Lectures: FL Stina Ojala.

Some of the lectures & the exercises: Daniel Kislyuk


This course gives introductory knowledge about principles of sound classification in different languages of the world, basic concepts of phonetics, human sound production and physiological bases of speech. Lectures will cover contemporary theories and models of speech perception and production. We also take a tour on sign language world from the point of production and perception.

Lecture slides

  • First lecture
  • First lecture (black&white version)
  • Second lecture
  • Third lecture
  • Fourth lecture
  • Fifth lecture
  • Sixth lecture
  • Seventh lecture
  • Eighth lecture (Daniel)
  • Schedule:

    The course is given in the fourth term, Spring 2008.


    no lectures around Easter holidays: 20.03 and 25.03

    First lecture on 11.03, about 10 lectures altogether in the course.

    Tuesdays 14-17 room B317

    Thursdays 14-17 room B317


  • First exercise session
  • Sound for Ex.1
  • Sound for Ex.2
  • Movie for Ex.1
  • Second exercise session
  • Figure for ex.#3
  • Figure for add-on
  • Third exercise session "consonants"
  • Tract outline
  • IPA chart
  • Fourth exercise session:priming
  • Superlab software
  • First exercise session will be held on 19th of March

    One exercise session will be held each week in Y342a. There will be two groups on wednesdays 9.00-10.00 and 16.00-17.00. If you can't attend any of these groups - write Daniel to make personal arrangements.

    The main software for the speech analysis and synthesis at the exercises will be Praat. At Mietta Lennes homepage you can find an extensive guide to Praat in Finnish as well as some scripts (in English).


    Registration takes place in webtopi.


    Examination covering lectures and other attached material + excercises.

    The grade depends 70% on examination and 30% on excercises.
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