S-114.270 - Laskennallinen solubiologia

S-114.270 - Computational Cell Biology

TKK / Yksiköt / LCE / Opetus / Kurssit / S-114.270

NOTE: If you are planning to attend this course, please send an email to the lecturer before mid February 2005. If there is enough interest, the course will be organized during the second half of the spring term (2005).

Language: English

Course Material: C.P. Fall, E.S. Marland, J.M. Wagner, J.J. Tyson: Computational Cell Biology + lecture notes

Aim: The emphasis of this course is on learning how to analyze and model processes taking places at cellular level, for example molecular motors, ion pumps, intercellular communication, various cell models. The relation between theory, experiments and simulations will be discussed in detail.

Audience: This course is intended for MSc and graduate students innterested in learning how to model different process in cellular systems. This course is part of the BioIT study programme's Computational Systems Biology (Laskennallinen systeemibiologia) -major/minor (optional).

Prerquisites: Recommended: Matehmatics I-III and S-114.100 Computational Science


Mikko Karttunen
Helsinki University of Technology
Laboratory of Computational Engineering
P.O.Box 9203, FIN-02015 HUT
tel: 451 4842
email: mikko.karttunen@hut.fi
Computational soft/biological matter research