LCE Kotisivu

S-114.240 Seminar on Computational Engineering


Spring 2003 (2 ov)

Mathematical modeling and methods in natural sciences & engineering

This seminar course is based on the book Computational Methods in Physics, Chemistry and Biology by Paul Harrison.

Course book:


Finnish or English depending on the attendees.

Schedule & location:

The first meeting and selection of topics is on Wednesday Feb. 26, 2003, at 1 p.m. in B317 (LCE, Innopoli II). Please note that the time has changed,

Goals of the seminar course:

  1. To get familiar with the seminar topic
  2. To prepare a written report of the topic, and to prepare and give an oral presentation
  3. To practice acting as reviewer for a report

Course requirements:

  1. Based on the source material the students should prepare a written report of about 10 to 20 pages. The reports will be published in the web-page of the seminar, and they should be in html, ps or pdf format.
  2. The deadline for submitting the report to the instructor is Thursday, on previous week to the presentation. The report is then sent to the reviewer, who gives constructive suggestions to improve the report. The deadline for the review is Monday, so the author has two days to make the corrections. The report can be submitted by e-mail, (, as postscript/pdf-file or web address.
  3. Oral presentation of the report. The length of the talks should be about 35-45 min, with 10-15 min. reserved for discussion. The reviewer has to present at least two questions about the presentation.
  4. Passing the course requires attendance to at least 75% of the presentations.


Marks are based on the following factors:
  1. Written report: Compactness, conciseness and understandability of the relevant issues. Use of additional material is encouraged.
  2. Oral presentation: Clarity and ability to illustrate the concepts, and to teach the topic to other students
  3. Review: Constructivity of the suggestions, relevance of the questions

Additional information:

Dr. Mikko Karttunen
Laboratory of Computational Engineering
Tel: 451 4842

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