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S-114.240 Seminar on Computational Engineering


Mathematical modeling

The seminar is based on the book The Nature of Mathematical Modeling by Neil Gershenfeld. The book gives a broad review of computational methods in mathematical modeling.

Source material:

Seminar topics

The seminar topics are in Finnish. The language of the seminar was changed to English in the first meeting.


Seminar meetings are on Wednesdays, at 12.15-14 o'clock in the seminar room MT1 in the laboratory of computational engineering. (map). The first meeting and selection of topics is 21.3.

Presentation timetable

Date Talker Subject Reviewer/opponent
Maria Huhtala 5. Random variables and stochastic processes (PostScript) Toni Tamminen
Marko Sysiaho 7. Finite Differences (PDF) Ville Mustonen
Tommi Peussa 8. Finite Element Method (PostScript) Petri Nikunen
Sebastian von Alfthan 8. Finite Element Method (PostScript) Teemu Leppänen
Jukka-Pekka Onnela 4. Variational methods Maria Huhtala
Aapo Lankinen 9. Cellular automata (PostScript) Otto Seppälä
Petri Nikunen 10. Function fitting (PostScript) Tommi Peussa
Otto Seppälä 11. Transforms, wavelets (MS/doc PDF (missing symbols)) Jukka-Pekka Onnela
Mirta Rodriguez Multiwavelets (PostScript) Aapo Lankinen
Ville Mustonen 13. Optimisation and search (PostScript) Sebastian von Alfthan
Toni Tamminen 15.1-4 State estimation (PostScript) Mirta Rodriguez
Teemu Leppänen 16. Timeseries models (PostScript) Marko Sysiaho
* The seminar 18.4. has been moved because of Eastern Holiday. The new date is 19.4., the time is the same 12-14 o'clock.

Goals of the seminar course:

  1. To get familiar with the seminar topic
  2. To prepare a written report of the topic, and to prepare and give an oral presentation
  3. To practice acting as reviewer for a report

Course requirements:

  1. Based on the source material the students prepare a written report of about 10 to 20 pages. The reports will be published in the web-page of the seminar, and they should be in html, ps or pdf format.
  2. The deadline for submitting the report to the instructor is Thursday, on previous week to the presentation. The report is then sent to the reviewer, who gives constructive suggestions to improve the report. The deadline for the review is Monday, so the author has two days to make the corrections. The report can be submitted by e-mail, (, as postscript/pdf-file or web address.
  3. Oral presentation of the report. The length of the talks should be about 35-45 min, with 10-15 min. reserved for discussion. The reviewer has to present at least two questions about the presentation.
  4. Passing the course requires attendance to at least 75% of the presentations.


Marks are based on the following factors:
  1. Written report: compactness, clearness and understandability of the relevant issues. Use of additional material is encouraged. Reacting to the reviewer comments is also desirable.
  2. Oral presentation: clarity and ability to illustrate the concepts and to teach the topic to other students
  3. Review: constructivity of the suggestions, relevance of the questions

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