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S-114.204 Modelling of Perception


Spring 2001 (2 ov, L)

Teacher: prof. Jouko Lampinen


The course is focused in modelling the mechanisms of human perception. The main emphasis is in models based on probability theory, that attempt to explain how the sensory information and contextual expectations can be conmbined to meaningfull perceptions. The main sensory modality in the course is visual perception, but also integration of auditive and visual information is addressed.

Course requirements: active participation in the seminars, seminar presentation, and a small project work.


Announcements, Ilmoitukset


Seminar meetings are on Wednesdays, at 8-10 o'clock in lecture room I346 in EE main building.

Date Talker Subject
17.1. Jouko Lampinen
Intro: Bayesian inference in perception
24.1. Jouko Lampinen Intro: Bayesian inference in perception, cont'd
31.1. Jouko Lampinen Selection of the topics of the presentations
7.2. Kaisa Tiippana Mechanisms of human perception
14.2.   No presentation
21.2.   No presentation
28.2.   No presentation
7.3. Tobias Anderson 5. Knill / Observer theory, bayes theory and psychophysics
14.3. Ilkka Kalliomäki 9. Knill / A computational theory for binocular stereopsis
21.3. Ville Kotovirta 12. Knill / Banishing the homunculus
28.3. Jarkko Venna 8. Belhumeur / A computational theory for binocular stereopsis
4.4.   No presentation
11.4. Hanna Suominen Information processing in visual cortex
18.4.   No presentation, Eastern holiday
25.4. Janne Nikkilä 4. Knill / Bayesian decision theory and psychophysics

Seminar topics

Home work assignment


Jouko Lampinen, see address below


Prof. Jouko Lampinen
(computational information technology)
puh. 451 4827
Prof. Mikko Sams
(kognitive technology)
puh. 451 4848