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S-114.204 Havaitsemisen mallintaminen/
Modelling of perception

Modelling of Perception

    Helsinki University of Technology course code: S-114.204
    University of Helsinki course code: 582450 (computer science)

Spring 2005

3 credits, L, 27+27

NEW: Additional exam 26 May - see below.

The course is organized jointly by Helsinki University of Technology and University of Helsinki. University of Helsinki course homepage is here.

The language of the course is English.


Mechanisms and modelling of human perception are the topics of the course. The emphasis is on modelling of visual feature extraction, and modelling of object and scene recognition. Human visual system and other topics dealing with modelling of visual perception are also included.


The aim is to give an overview of how visual processes can be modelled and what kind of challenges exist. Particularly, knowledge of modelling of visual feature extraction and object recognition is crucial, not only for the understanding of the human visual system, but also for biologically motivated computer vision applications.


Basic courses in differential calculus, probability and linear algebra. Also basic knowledge of the human visual system is recommended (e.g. courses Perception and Action, or Structure and Functioning of the Human Brain).


Aapo Hyvärinen
Jouko Lampinen
Kaisa Tiippana


Thursdays at 14.15-16.00.

Jouko Lampinen's and Kaisa Tiippana's lectures will be given in lecture room H302 at Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Electrical and Communications Engineering, Otakaari 5 A.

Aapo Hyvärinen's lectures will be given in lecture room B222 at University of Helsinki, Kumpula Campus, Exactum building. See here for directions on how to get there.

1.27.1.H302, HUTKTIntroduction
2.3.2.B222, UofHAHModelling of early vision
3.10.2.B222, UofHAHModelling of early vision
4.17.2.B222, UofHAHModelling of early vision
5.24.2.B222, UofHAHModelling of early vision
6.3.3.B222, UofHAHModelling of early vision
 10.3.NO LECTURE  
7.17.3.H302, HUTKTHigher-level visual processing
 24.3.NO LECTURE   Easter break
8.31.3.H302, HUTKTHigher-level visual processing
9.7.4.H302, HUTJLModelling of object vision
10.14.4.H302, HUTJLModelling of object vision
11.21.4.H302, HUTJLModelling of object vision
12.28.4.H302, HUTJLModelling of object vision


Material is in English and consists of lecture notes and journal articles/book sections. The lectures and lecture notes address the topics of the course. Articles and book sections should be read concentrating on those issues. Articles/book sections also give other background information which may be of interest but which is not required. Material is distributed in the beginning of each lecture and can be requested from each lecturer. More details will appear here when the course begins.

Material for Kaisa Tiippana's lectures:

Username and password are required to access handouts and articles, and can be requested from Kaisa Tiippana. (They are the same as for S-114.780.)

Additional material for the interested (not required):

Material for Aapo Hyvärinen's lectures:

On HU course pages.Username and password are the same as for KT's material.

Material for Jouko Lampinen's lectures:

Use the same username and password as for Kaisa's stuff

For some unknown, probably MS-related issue, the pdf-files of the handouts are huge, 3-9 MB. Sorry for inconvenience.


Practicals are compulsory. They are done independently, i.e. there are no specified contact hours, but do not hesitate to ask for advice from the instructors.


Written examination

The first exam is on Tuesday 10 May, 2005, at 9.00-12.00 o'clock in lecture hall S2, Department of Electrical and Communications Engineering, Otakaari 5 A.

The second exam is on Thursday 26 May, 2005, at 14.00-17.00 o'clock in room B317, Laboratory of Computational Engineering, Innopoli 2, Tekniikantie 14.

Register to the exams via wwwTopi,or by e-mail to Kaisa Tiippana ( one week before the exam at the latest (by 7 May and 19 May, respectively).


Practicals have to be passed at an acceptable level and good performance can increase the course mark.


Additional information

Register on the course preferably via wwwTopi,or by e-mail to Kaisa Tiippana (, or at the first lecture. wwwTopi registration will be closed on 15.2. since there will be a system update.

Recommended for students in their 3rd year or beyond.

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