Complex networks and agent-based models

Centre of Excellence in Computational Complex Systems Research



Fall 2006

S-114.4150 Complex Networks (5 cr) L

Contents: Basics of the theoretical and methodological framework of complex networks. Network measures and characteristics, random networks, small-worlds, scale-free networks. Analytical techniques: master and rate equations. Percolation and spreading on networks. Spectral properties. Network analysis methods.

Fall 2005

S-114.220 Modeling in spatial epidemiology and spreading of contagious disease

Contents: statistical spatial modeling of geographic variations in disease using Bayesian methods. Modelling spreading of infectious disease on complex networks. Effects of network types on spreading dynamics and epidemic thresholds.

S-114.J Special course by S.S. Manna: Advanced topics in statistical mechanics

Contents: Bootstrap percolation and diagenesis. Self-organized criticality. Structure and properties of complex networks. Wealth distribution models in econophysics.

Spring 2005

S-114.220 Research seminar on complex networks

Contents: Basics of complex networks theory. The "classic" papers: small-worlds, scale-free networks, etc. Selected network models. Applications in systems biology. Analytical and numerical exercises.

Spring 2004

S-114.220 Research-oriented graduate seminar on complex systems

Contents: Overview of complex systems. Complex networks, self-organized criticality, pattern formation, nonlinear dynamics. Applications: e.g. swarm algorithms, modeling the human immune system.