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My career at the Laboratory of the Computational Engineering (LCE) started in the summer of 2005 as a trainee, later I had an opportunity to continue as a part timer all the way until the spring of 2006 when I got employed by GE Healthcare Finland. I'm still grateful of all the experiences I had at the LCE, I get to be a part of a talented international research group and made many new friends. The work also greatly supported my studies in computational engineering and cognitive technology.

My Projects at the LCE

Bio inspired feature extraction

As the name implies, the goal was to develop a feature extractor using the information gathered from our brain. Most of the ideas were based on studies of the primary visual cortex V1, and especially layer 4. For example Independent Component Analysis (ICA) based methods and Denoising Source Separation (DSS) are known to have some similar properties as certain cells in the lower levels of the humans' visual cortex have. During my time at the LCE I was experimenting with different neural network structures and test whether they could achieve the same goals and offer new knowledge about the function of the brain.

Where am I now?

At the spring of 2006 I was employed by GE Healthcare Finland. At first I was doing some embedded programming until I had a change to start my master's thesis in the autumn 2006. In my thesis I investigated how the electrocardiography (ECG) quality could be improved during the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Focus of the thesis was on mathematical methods and especially in source separation methods, so basically I applied somewhat similar methods to medical signal processing that I was studying at the LCE.

After finishing my thesis at GE Healthcare I was employed by Savcor One. Currently I am working there as a research engineer and I am involved in the development of GPS related systems for container handling and terminal automation; my main responsibilities being in the algorithm development.

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