Cognitive and Social Systems

Centre of Excellence in Computational Complex Systems Research


Monday Seminars

Part of the seminars are organized jointly with Brain Research Unit of the Low Temperature Laboratory.

Chairs: Riikka Möttönen (LCE) and Tiina Parviainen (LTL) and Topi Tanskanen (LTL)

Place and Time: mondays at 14.15; in Innopoli 2, room B317, or in the Main building, 3rd floor, room Y307.

Program for Spring 2006

  • 16.1. Magnet House
    General things.
  • 23.1. Magnet House
    Kaisa Tiippana (LCE): "Is AV speech perception affected by sound location? Preliminary results".
  • 30.1. Magnet House
    Virpi Lindroos (LCE): Master's Thesis Presentation.
  • 6.2. Main Building
    Jyrki Ahveninen (Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, MGH-MIT-HMS, USA): "Spatiotemporal imaging of human auditory cortex".
  • 13.2. Innopoli 2
    Lauri Nummenmaa (University of Turku): "Parfoveal and peripheral perception of emotional scenes: Implications for processing of unattended emotional visual stimuli".
  • 20.2. Main Building
    Timo Honkela (TKK): "Challenge of rich contexts for artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences".
  • 27.2. Innopoli 2
    Jaakko Kauramäki (LCE): TBA.
  • 6.3. Main Building
    Teemu Rinne (University of Helsinki): "Involuntary attention: behavioral, ERP and fMRI results".

Program for Autumn 2005

  • 22.8. Main building
    Kaisa Tiippana: Effects of attention on audiovisual speech perception.
  • 29.8. No seminar
    "Mini Symposium on Complex Neural Systems" 10-13, Innopoli B317
  • 5.9. Main building
    Samu Taulu (Elekta-Neuromag): Signal Space Separation Method.
  • 12.9. Magnet House
    General issues
  • 19.9. Magnet House
    Janne Lehtonen: news from a BCI meeting.
  • 26.9. Main Building
    Josef Rauschecker: Neural bases of tinnitus.
  • 3.10. Magnet House
    Chris Davis: AV speech perception.
  • 10.10. No meeting

  • 17.10. Magnet House
    Riikka Möttönen: The genetic basis of speech and language (Paper review).
  • 24.10. No meeting

  • 31.10. Main Building
    Barry Horwitz: Integrating neuroscientic data across multiple spatiotemporal scales - application to visual and auditory object processing.
  • 7.11. Main Building
    Claes von Hofsten (Uppsala University): Early development of visual tracking.
  • 14.11. Main Building
    Jari Saramäki: Complex Systems and Networks.
  • 21.11. Magnet house
    Marja Balk: First Aid Training.
  • 28.11. Main Building
    Lauri Parkkonen: Reverse correlation in neuroimaging.
  • 5.12. Magnet house
    Toni Auranen
  • 12.12. Main Building
    Sampsa Vanhatalo (Helsinki University Central Hospital): Full-band EEG.
  • 19.12. Main Building
    Kalle Palomäki (Laboratory of Computer and Information Science, HUT): Neuromagnetic studies on sound localization.

How to get to the seminar room in the main building?

Enter through main entrance at Otakaari, take the first corridor on the left, walk all the way to the end. Find stairs that you then climb to 3rd floor. The seminar room is right behind the corner.