Cognitive and Social Systems

Centre of Excellence in Computational Complex Systems Research


Year 2004

We have being working on an online EEG-based BCI (see Figure 1). EEG signal related to finger movements are used as input to the classifier. The exact timing of the movements is measured with light ports. An LED provides a cue to move. We are testing the system now with healthy subjects and will modify it to be used also by paralyzed users.

Figure 1. The user has an EEG cap on. By thinking about left and right hand movement the user controls the movement of the ball. Copyright © 2004 by LCE.

Laura Kauhanen, Janne Lehtonen and Tommi Nykopp participated in BCI 2004 Workshop and Training Course in Graz, Austria 17-18.9. Laura Kauhanen won first prize in the best poster competition.

Pasi Jylänki joined our group in November. He will develop feature extraction and classification methods for online-BCI and will write his Master's Thesis on the subject.

We are now one partner in EU funded project called MAIA.

Funding and co-operation

The project is part of Academy of Finland's Research Programme on Proactive Computing till end of the year 2005. Our group is also part of MAIA project funded by EU. Laura Kauhanen belongs to the Graduate School in Electronics Telecommunications and Automation ( GETA ) and Janne Lehtonen has scolarship from the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

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