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Year 2003

Previously Laboratory of Computational Engineering was involved in EU project called "Adaptive Brain Interfaces". The project came to end at the end of the year 2001. We started our own project called "On-line Adaptive Brain-Computer Interface". The project is part of Academy of Finland's "Research Programme on Proactive Computing" during 2003-2005.

During year 2003 we collected data on attempted finger and hand movements from quadriplegic people using combined MEG and EEG. The research was done in Low Temperature Laboratory in collaboration with Käpylä's kuntoutuskeskus. We have developed a Matlab-based BCI platform for offline as well as online use. The platform is not dependent on measuring device or operating system. It could be used as fast prototyping tool for testing different BCI signal analysis as well as feedback methods. We intend to build online EEG-BCI using this platform and later MEG-BCI. In the field of the signal analysis sequential classification was introduced. Preliminary results show significant improvement over the previous methods used.

Funding and co-operation

The project is part of Academy of Finland's Research Programme on Proactive Computing till end of the year 2005. Laura Kauhanen belongs to the Graduate School in Electronics Telecommunications and Automation ( GETA ).


The project gained some media coverage when we appeared on television program Prisma on YLE 1 in September 2003.

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