Computational Information Technology

Research Group at Laboratory of Computational Engineering



Here you can find list of selected publications and list of theses illustrating the research made in our group. These lists will be updated once or twice a year. For more publications see laboratory publications page, project web pages, and personal web pages.

Selected publications

  • Timo Koskela, Jukka Heikkonen, and Kimmo Kaski (2003). Web cache optimization with nonlinear model using object features. Computer Networks, 43(6):805-817. [Online]
  • M. Sysi-Aho, A. Chakraborti and K. Kaski (2003). Intelligent Minority Game with genetic crossover strategies, European Physical Journal B 34, 373-377. [preprint]
  • Tommi Orpana and Jouko Lampinen (2003). Building spacial models from aggregate data. Journal of Regional Science, 43(2):319-347. (PDF)
  • J.-P. Onnela, A. Chakraborti, K. Kaski, J. Kertész, and A. Kanto (2003). Dynamics of market correlations: Taxonomy and portfolio analysis, Physical Review E 68, 056110. [preprint]
  • Jouko Lampinen and Timo Kostiainen (2002). Generative probability density model in the Self-Organizing Map. In U. Seiffert and L. Jain, editors, Self-organizing neural networks: Recent advances and applications. pages 75-94. Physica Verlag. (PS), (PDF)
  • Aki Vehtari and Jouko Lampinen (2002). Bayesian model assessment and comparison using cross-validation predictive densities. Neural Computation, 14(10):2439-2468. (PS) (PDF)
  • T. Leppänen, M. Karttunen, K. Kaski, R. A. Barrio, and L. Zhang (2002). A new dimension to Turing patterns, Physica D, 168-169C, 35-44. [Online]
  • Sami Brandt, Jukka Heikkonen, and Peter Engelhardt (2001). Automatic alignment of transmission electron microscope tilt-series without fiducial markers. Journal of Structural Biology, 136 pp. 201-213. (PS)
  • Jani Lahtinen, János Kertés, and Kimmo Kaski (2001). Scaling of random spreading in small world networks. Physical Review E, 64 057105. (PS)
  • Jouko Lampinen and Aki Vehtari (2001). Bayesian approach for neural networks - review and case studies. Neural Networks, 14(3):7-24. (Invited article. Note that unfortunately the paper version has some printer's errors). (PS) (PDF)

Doctoral theses

  • Timo Koskela (2003). Neural Network Methods in Analysing and Modelling Time Varying Processes (Abstract) (PDF)
  • Markus Varsta (2002). Self organizing maps in sequence processing. (Abstract) (PDF)
  • Sami Brandt (2002). Theorems and Algorithms for Multiple View Geometry with Applications to Electron Tomography (Abstract) (PDF)
    [*] Dissertation was awarded: The best doctoral dissertation award in the field of pattern recognition in 2002-2003 in Finland issued by the Pattern Recognition Society of Finland.
  • Aki Vehtari (2001). Bayesian model assessment and selection using expected utilities. (Abstract) (PDF)
    [*] Dissertation was awarded: The best doctoral dissertation award in the field of pattern recognition in 2000-2001 in Finland issued by the Pattern Recognition Society of Finland.

Master theses

  • Ville-Petteri Mäkinen (2003). Parallel Linear Inversion Tomography.
  • Laura Laitinen (2003). Neuromagnetic somatomotor signals in brain-computer interfaces.
  • Toni Auranen (2002). Nonparametric Statistical Analysis of Time-frequenccy Representations of Magnetoencephalographic Data.
  • Ilkka Kalliomäki (2002). Inference on Three-Dimensional Shape in a Scene Analysis System.
    [*]Master thesis was awarded: The best master thesis award in the field of pattern recognition in 2002 in Finland issued by the Pattern Recognition Society of Finland.
  • Janne Lehtonen (2002). EEG-based Brain Computer Interfaces.
  • Jukka-Pekka Onnela (2002). Taxonomy of Financial Assets.
  • Marko Sysi-Aho (2002). The Modelling of Stock Markets and Stock Market Indices.
  • Toni Tamminen (2002). Bayesian Object Matching with Gabor Filters and Markov Chain Monte Carlo.
  • Teemu Leppänen (2001). Spatial Pattern Formation in Turing System.
  • Henrik Liljeström (2001). Playback Channel Modeling for Wideband radio Channel Simulators.
  • Tommi Nykopp (2001). Statistical Modelling issues for the adaptive brain interface.
  • Marianna Hiltunen (2000) Comparison of Mathematical Methods for the Compound Sample Analysis of Multicomponent Fourier Transform.
  • Jani Lahtinen (2000). Knowledge Representation in Inductive Reasoning.
  • Tomas Martinsen (2000). A neural network solution to the inverse problem in electrical impedance tomography.
  • Tommi Orpana (2000). Spatial probability model for the distribution of grocery trade (in Finnish).
  • Simo Särkkä (2000). Bayesian Methods in Modelling of Audiovisual Speech Perception (in Finnish).
  • Timo Kostiainen (1999). Analysis of sparse high-dimensional data - measured and perceived quality of indoor air.
  • Hannu Laine (1999). Estimation of wind profile from radar signal (in Finnish).
  • Laura Sirro (1999). Detecting building and road from aerial images (in Finnish).
  • Harri Hakkarainen (1998). Using background knowledge in neural network training: Optimization of learning with hints.
  • Aki Vehtari (1997). Neural network modeling of pumping process (in Finnish).