Computational Information Technology

Research Group at Laboratory of Computational Engineering


Research Projects

Computational information technology deals with problems where efficient numerical methods of computational engineering are combined with the problems of information processing. Computational approach has gained increasing importance in information processing, with progress in fields like computational intelligence and data mining.

Modelling and Data-Analysis
Research is focused in neural computing, Bayesian methods, and pattern recognition and modeling applications.

Computer Vision
Bayesian and MCMC methods applied in computer vision applications including object matching, scene analysis and vision geometry.

Complex Networks and Agent-based Models
The Complex Networks and Agent-Based Models group focuses on research on the structure and dynamics of natural and man-made networks.

Brain Computer Interface
Project with cognitive science and technology group, developing a brain computer interface where EEG and MEG measurements, time-frequency analysis and neural network classifiers are applied.

Computational Neuroscience
Computational neuroscience group studies perceptual learning, attention, motor control, reinforcement learning, memory, cognition and many other phenomena. We design bio-inspired neural networks.