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The On-line Adaptive Brain-Computer Interface

Researchers: Mikko Sams, Jukka Heikkonen, Tommi Nykopp, Janne Lehtonen, Laura Kauhanen and Aki Vehtari

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Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) are intended for enabling both the severely motor disabled as well as the healthy people to operate electrical devices and applications using brain signals. Our approach bases on an artificial neural network that recognizes and classifies different brain activation patterns associated with carefully selected mental tasks. By this means we pursuit to develop a robust classifier with short classification time and, most importantly, a low rate of false positives (i.e. wrong classifications). Figure 1 demonstrates a BCI in use.

BCI research is done in collaboration with the Cognitive Science and Technology research group. For further information see the project home page.

Figure 1

Figure 1. The user has a EEG cap on. By thinking about left and right hand movement the user controls the virtual keyboard with her brain activity.