Cognitive Science and Technology

Research Group at Laboratory of Computational Engineering


LCE-CT Monday Meetings

Every second meeting is organized jointly with Brain Research Unit of the Low Temperature Laboratory (BRU).

Chairs: Jari Kätsyri (LCE) and Päivi Sivonen (BRU).

Time and Place: Mondays at 14.15

  • LCE internal meetings: Innopoli 2, room B317
  • LCE/BRU joint meetings: Lecture hall N, TKK Main Building (2nd floor, close to the Mellin auditorium)

Events (5th March 2007 onwards)

  • MM LCE: Internal monday meeting
  • MM LCE/BRU: Joint monday meeting organized by LCE
  • MM BRU/LCE: Joint monday meeting organized by BRU