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Selected Online Publications

Performance of Web Proxy Caching in Heterogeneous Bandwidth Environments.
A. Feldmann, R. Caceres, F. Douglis, G. Glass, and M. Rabinovich.
In Proceedings of the IEEE Infocom '99 Conference, New York, NY, March 1999. IEEE.

Web Caching and Zipf-like Distributions: Evidence and Implications (HTML)
L. Breslau, P. Cao, L. Fan, G. Phillips, and S. Shenker.
In Proceedings of the IEEE Infocom '99 Conference, New York, NY , March 1999. IEEE.

Generating Representative Web Workloads for Network and Server Performance Evaluation.
P. Barford and M. Crovella.
In Proceedings of the ACM SIGMETRICS '98 Conference, June 1998. ACM.

Replacement Policies for a Proxy Cache (
L. Rizzo and L. Vicisano
Technical Report RN/98/13, 1998.

The Measured Access Characteristics of World-Wide-Web Client Proxy Caches (HTML)
B. M. Duska, D. Marwood, and M. J. Feeley
USENIX Symposium on Internet Technologies and Systems, December 1997.

Cost-aware www proxy caching algorithms (HTML)
P. Cao and S. Irani
USENIX Symposium on Internet Technology and Systems, December 1997.

Removal Policies in Network Caches for World-Wide Web Documents (HTML)
S. Williams, M. Abrams, C. R. Standridge, G. Abdulla and E. A. Fox
In Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM '96 Conference, August 1996. ACM.

A Hierarchical Internet Object Cache (HTML)
A. Chankhunthod, P. Danzig, C. Neerdaels, M. F. Schwartz, and K. J. Worrell.
In Proceedings of the 1996 USENIX Annual Technical Conference, San Diego, California, USA , January 1996. USENIX Association.

Intelligent Caching for World-Wide Web Objects (HTML)
D. Wessels
Proc. of INET'95, 1995.

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