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Internet Services Modelling

Current Status

Project has ended. The last meeting was held at HUT/LCE in 10.09.2001.


Internet is very fast growing public network with now about one hundred million users worldwide. From the number of users point of view, Internet is quickly approaching the other two global public networks, the fixed and mobile telephone networks. The usage behaviour and the quality of service (QoS) on Internet, however, is not so well characterized and defined than on those other public networks. When there have been tens of years experience of measuring the traffic load during the peak hours, the different kind of error rate behaviour and the service availability, in the PSTN, for example, all those measurements are lacking on the Internet. The big problem in Internet is poor QoS. In order to know more about the QoS and in order to measure the Internet behaviour, it should be important to have some suitable Internet service model.


The three years Internet services modelling project, started in summer 1998, seeks the generic model for classifying and modelling the characteristics of the Internet services from the user point of view. The project consists of two phases.

In the first phase the traffic measurements will be carried out and the current Internet services individually in general level modelled. The most important characteristics is the QoS experienced by the user. Which are the factors affected in the QoS?

In the second phase the concept of differentiated services will be studied, analyzed and modelled. The differentiated service model looks the services on the brand level. The services of same kind of characteristics are grouped togerther on the network level in order to offer better QoS. How the differentiated services should be parametrized from the ISP (Internet Service Provider) point of view?


Partners Members

Person Organization
Jukka Heikkonen HUT
Erkki Hietanen TEKES
Kimmo Kaski HUT
Timo Koskela HUT
Miika Kuusinen LUT
Jouko Lampinen HUT
Kristiina Pietikäinen MinTC
Klaus Lindberg CSC
Jari Porras LUT
Jussi Ruutu Nokia

Reports and Documents

Research Plan (in Finnish)
Esa Kerttula, LUT
Internet -palvelujen mittaaminen ja mallinnus - Mallinnustyökalujen kehittäminen

Overview Report (in Finnish)
Miika Kuusinen, LUT
Raportti 10.12.1998

Esitutkimusraportti (in Finnish)
1. vuoden loppuraportti, 31.8.1999

Toisen vuoden loppuraportti (in Finnish)
2. vuoden loppuraportti, 29.08.2000

Kolmannen vuoden loppuraportti (in Finnish)
3. vuoden loppuraportti, 07.09.2001

Model-based approach to Web cache optimization
Timo Koskela, HUT
Presentation in WWW9 conference
[Abstract] [Slides]

Using Document Features to Optimize Web Cache
Timo Koskela, HUT
Publication in ICANN'01 conference [PDF]


Contact Persons

Jari Porras, Responsible Manager
Tel. (05) 621 3619
GSM: 0400 555 427
Jukka Heikkonen, Project Manager
Tel. (09) 451 4829

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