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Studies of Semiconductor Materials

Researchers: Antti Kuronen and Matti Mäki-Jaskari

Different semiempirical potential energy functions are applied to study properties of semiconductor materials by the molecular dynamics technique.

The feasibility of existing semiempirical potentials for silicon to studies of dynamical fracture has been investigated. The diploma work of Matti Mäki-Jaskari will describe more this project in more detail.

We have also initiated a project to investigate the growth mechanisms and energetics of self-organized compound semiconductor islands using molecular dynamics simulations and semiempirical potentials. This work is performed in collaboration with the Optoelectronics Laboratory of HUT and the Computational Physics Group at the Tampere University of Technology.

In collaboration with the Accelerator Laboratory of the University of Helsinki we have studied low-energy ion-beam induced defects in semiconductor surfaces using molecular dynamics simulations and semiempirical potentials.

Juha Merimaa