Online Visualisations in Computational Science

Researchers: Ville Mustonen and Kimmo Kaski

It is a well known fact that as the computers of today can be used to study increasingly complex systems, also the demands for scientific visualisations need to be considered with a proper weight. A highly versatile online visualisation environment has been built using OpenDX software package. Using this system many typical problems in computational science can be visualised online. Used approach relies on the client server type communications between simulation and visualisation. This means that simulations and visualisations can be executed with different computer systems making it possible to have online views from simulations running on parallel computers.

Figure 38 displays an example visualisation of a nanotube. The second guideline, after the main idea of having same visualisation environment for many different systems, has been low cost approach. Low cost approach means in practice, open source software (OpenDX), Linux operating system (RedHat 7.2) and fast PCs (Pentium IV) with powerful graphic cards (GeForce3). Using the above mentioned components an user friendly visualisation environment for online visualisations is established.

Figure 38

Figure 38: Nanotube visualisation using OpenDX.