Graduate School in
Computational Methods of Information Technology

In its meeting on December 2nd, 2002, the ComMIT board granted new graduate student positions to the following students.

ComMIT grant for 1 year Period
Aksela, Matti 1.1.2003-31.12.2003
ComMIT grant for 3 years
Onnela, Jukka-Pekka 1.1.2003-31.12.2005
Raiko, Tapani 1.1.2003-31.12.2005
ComMIT grant for 4 years
Horppu, Ismo 1.1.2003-31.12.2006
Segerståhl, Margareta 1.1.2003-31.12.2006
Sysi-Aho, Marko 1.1.2003-31.12.2006
Tamminen, Toni 1.1.2003-31.12.2006

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